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For Your Information

Your Investment Professional participates in the Axos Advisor Program, a banking program built specifically for Investment Professionals to help their clients obtain high ­value banking services through Axos Bank. The Axos Advisor Program can provide useful tools to you and your Investment Professional, tools that can help your Investment Professional help you.

If the customer elects "Information Sharing" the Investment Professional has the ability to log into the Advisor Dashboard with login credentials and view all their clients' information, including but not limited to, name, address, telephone, email, account number(s), account type, periodic balances, maturity date, transactional history, signature cards, and monthly statements.

Your Investment Professional may use this information to assist you with your total financial planning needs. This information may also be made available to your Investment Professional's designated associate(s) and/or his/her financial firm (collectively referred to as "Your Designee").

This information may be made available to Your Designee through: (1) an Investment Professional-only web site behind a secure login (2) other secure data aggregation services to which Your Designee may subscribe, or (3) other means as Axos Advisor deems reasonable and appropriate. The information available to Your Designee will only allow Your Designee to monitor your Axos Advisor account(s) and the basic information detailed above. Selecting this information sharing option does NOT authorize Your Designee to conduct any transactions with your accounts. Your Designee is not authorized to conduct transactions on your account(s).

You have the right to change your preferences for information-sharing with Your Designee, including changing Your Designee or opting-out of this type of sharing, at any time, by sending your request in writing to: Security and Privacy-opt-out, Axos Advisor Program. PO. Box 509127, San Diego, CA 92150-9948.

Information-sharing is governed by the Privacy Notice, which is available at

The Axos Advisor Program is designed to allow your Investment Professional to offer you products and services offered by Axos Bank. Axos Advisor's relationship with your Investment Professional and the financial firm employing your Investment Professional is through a joint marketing agreement.

Axos Advisor has no relationship with or control over your Investment Professional with respect to any financial advice, securities, or other non-Axos Advisor products or services offered by your Investment Professional. Axos Advisor does not warrant or otherwise make any representation as to the quality of the advice given to you by your Investment Professional.