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Advisor Resources

In order to retrieve your Advisor ID, you will need to log into your dashboard here.

Axos Advisor offers several great products including:

  • Select Savings
  • Select Checking
  • Select Certificates of Deposit
  • Private Client checking & Savings
  • World Checking & Savings
  • Traditional/Roth Savings
  • Traditional/Roth CDs
  • Basic Business Checking
  • Business Interest Checking
  • Analyzed Business Checking
  • Business Money Market

For more product information please call 877-887-3030

You will need to log into your Advisor Dashboard. From there, copy your enrollment link and send over to your clients for them to log in and begin their application.
Once you log into your Advisor Dashboard, scroll to the ‘Customers’ section then click on the client’s name you’re looking up. From there you will be able to see all accounts that client has open along with any recent transactions.

To make a deposit, log in to online banking and go to "Make a Deposit." It's also easy to use mobile deposit from your phone. If you have any questions, you can contact us at [email protected].

Disclosures can be found here.

Yes. Because we are a digital bank, you will need a current email address and access to a computer. In addition, you will need a cell phone to receive a one-time passcode via text messaging.

  • Debit or ATM card (if applicable)
  • Checks (if applicable)

A change to your contact details may be completed by logging in to your online banking.

You may report a card lost or stolen by logging into your online banking. Select the "Amounts" tab and choose the account linked to your debit card. Then select the "Debit Card" tab.

You can activate your card, order a replacement card, report your card lost or stolen, and place travel notifications from this screen.

You can view statements and tax forms in online banking. Select the "Accounts" tab and choose the account. Then select the “Statements” tab.

This helps us know that your computer has authorized access to your account. You have several options for receiving your access code:

  • SMS (text) message
  • Email

We do not limit the number of funds transfers you may make.

  • Max $45,000.00/day
  • Max $75,000.00/month

You can verify external deposits within online banking, whether you're using a web browser or the mobile app. If you're using a web browser, log in to online banking and select "Accounts." Then select "External Accounts." Select the settings wheel for the account you wish to verify. Enter the two tiny trial deposit amounts and select OK. If you're using the mobile app, log in to online banking, then select "Move $." In the menu bar at the top of the app, select "External Accounts" and then select "Verify Account." Enter the two trial deposit amounts, and select "Verify Account" to confirm.

  1. Make sure you are logged into your online banking dashboard under your own name.
  2. Confirm you have endorsed the back of the check.
  3. Be sure to place the check in the same corner of the scanning machine for both front and back scanning.
  4. It may help to mark dots (about the size of a pencil eraser) on the four corners of the front and back of the check to help the scanner detect the outline of the check.

For a more help, log into your online banking dashboard, click Make a Deposit in the blue bar, then click "HELP."

How do I get the mobile banking app?

  • Apple - Search for “Axos Bank” in the App Store on your mobile device, or download via iTunes®
  • Android - Search for “Axos Bank” in Google Play marketplace

Text message banking makes it easy to access account balances and transactions, as well as transfer funds, right on your mobile phone. It’s the fastest and easiest way to get your account balances – anytime, anywhere.

For more information, log into your online banking dashboard and click on "Account Access" in the blue bar, then click on "Text Banking & Alerts."

The easiest way is to deposit your check with the Axos Bank mobile app or scan a check via Make a Deposit if you’re using your computer. Not available to fund Certificates of Deposit.

You can also:

  • Send a Wire to:
    Axos Bank
    4350 La Jolla Village Drive, Suite 140
    San Diego, CA 92122

    ABA # 122287251
    For the Benefit of: ( Name Here )
    Account number: ( XXX-XXX-XXX )
  • Make an external funds transfer with online banking (Checking & Money Market Savings accounts only)
  • Use ACH: Clients may select the ACH option when opening their new Axos Advisor account. A small dollar transaction will take place to verify accuracy of the information entered prior to finalizing the ACH.
To set up direct deposits or send a wire to your account, use our routing and transit number: 122287251.

Sending a wire out from Axos Advisor

We make it easy for you to wire money from your account. Simply log in to online banking, select "Move Money," and select "Wire Transfers" option.

Wire cut-off times:

Domestic – 12:00 p.m. PT
International – 12:00 p.m. PT

Wiring funds into Axos Advisor

To wire funds into an Axos Advisor account you will need the following information:

  • Axos Bank ABA/Routing Transit Number – 122287251
  • Address: Axos Advisor 4350 La Jolla Village Drive, Suite 140 San Diego, CA 92122

Incoming international wires must be in US dollars. Our intermediary bank information is as follows:

Pacific Coast Bankers' Bank San Francisco, CA 94104

SWIFT Code: PCBBUS66 ABA Number: 121042484

Be sure the wire is to the benefit of your name and your account number at Axos Advisor. Wire cut-off time for same day processing: 12:00 p.m. PT.

We do not limit the number of fund transfers you may make.

Though not as versatile as checking accounts, Axos Bank savings accounts offer several ways to withdraw money. With an Axos Bank savings account, you can:

Transfer funds to another account with Axos Bank or with another financial institution. Log in to online banking and select Move Money.

Initiate a wire transfer. Log in to online banking and select "Move Money" and then "Wire Transfers."

Make an ATM withdrawal. To discover where you can make free ATM withdrawals near you using your debit or ATM card, log in to online banking and use our ATM Locator.

Regulation CC requires financial institutions to inform a customer when a check hold has been placed. Axos Advisor may delay the availability of funds from your check deposits to afford us time to verify the deposit and ensure the funds are collected. The email notice states when the funds will be available. Refer to the Funds Availability Policy.

The hold time is set out in the email notifying you of the hold. Refer to the Funds Availability Policy.

Axos Advisor will send an initial starter kit of checks free of charge if you order them during the application process. Otherwise, you can re-order checks online using the following directions:

  • Log in to your account
  • In the "Accounts tab," select the account you want to order checks for
  • Select "Details," then "Order Checks"
  • Select "Continue" to navigate to our external check ordering site

Mobile Deposit allows you to deposit checks anytime, anywhere with your smartphone. Best of all, it’s fast, secure, and completely free. To get started:

  • Register for online banking at
  • Download the Axos Bank mobile app in the App Store or Google Play.
  • Open the app, log in, select Mobile Deposit, and follow the directions to deposit your check.


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